Monday, 22 December 2014

What are you learn about an ActionBar .

You learn the following about an ActionBar :

* An ActionBar is owned by an Activity and follows its life cycle.

* An ActionBar can take one of the three forms:
i)- Tabbed ActionBar.
ii)- List ActionBar.
iii)- Standard ActionBar.

you see how these various action bars looks and behave in each of the modes.

* You learn how tabbed listeners allow you to interact with a tabbed action bar.

* You see how spinner adapters and list listeners are used to interact with the list action bar.

* You learn how the Home icon of an action bar interacts with the menu infrastructure.

* You see how icon menu items can be shown and reacted to on the action bar real estate.

* You see how to place a custom search widget in the action bar.

- You explore these concepts by planning three different activities.Each Activity supports an
action bar in a different mode.This gives you an opportunity to examine the behaviour of the
action bar in each mode. 

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