Friday, 19 December 2014

About ActionBar in Android.

- ActionBar was introduced in the Android 3.0 SDK for tablets and is now available for phones as
well in 4.0 and above.

- It allows you to customize the title bar of an activity.

- Prior to the 3.0 SDK release,the title bar of an activity merely contained the title of an activity.

- Android ActionBar is modeled similar to the menu/title bar of a web browser.

- The 3.0 SDK is optimized and available only for tablets.

- This means the action bar API is not available for phones that run Android versions prior to 4.0

- With the 4.0 SDK,the phone and tablet aspects of the SDK are merged to provide a uniform API.

- A key goal of the action bar design is to make the frequently used actions easily available to the
user without searching through option menus or context menus.

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