Sunday, 14 December 2014

Accelerometers Sensors in Android.

* Accelerometers are probably the most interesting of the sensors on a device.

* Using these sensors, our application can determine the physical orientation of the device in space relative to gravity's pull straight down,plus be aware of forces pushing on the device.

* Providing this information allows an application to do all sorts of interesting things,from game play
to augmented reality and of course,the accelerometers tell Android when to switch the orientation
of the user interface from portrait to landscape back again.

The Accelerometer coordinate system works like this :

* The accelerometer's x-axis originates in the bottom-left corner of the device and goes across
the bottom to the right.

* The y-axis also originates in the bottom-left corner and goes up along the left of the display.

* The z-axis originates in the bottom-left corner and goes up in space away from the device.

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