Sunday, 28 December 2014

What about SOAP Services ?

There are lots of SOAP-based web services on the internet,but to date Google has not provided direct
support in Android for calling SOAP web services.

Google instead prefers REST-like web services,seemingly to reduce the amount  of computing required on the client device.

However,the tradeoff is that the developer must do more work to send data and to parse the returned

Some developers have used the kSOAP2 developer kit to build SOAP clients for Android.

One approach that's been used successfully is to implement your own services on the internet,which can talk SOAP ( or whatever ) to the destination service.Then your Android application only needs
to talk to your services,and you have complete control .

If the destination services change,you might be able to handle that without having to update and
release a new version of your application.You'd only have to update the services on your server.

A side benefit of this approach is that you could more easily implement a paid subscription model
for your application .If a user lets their subscription lapse , you can turn them off at your server.

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