Monday, 17 November 2014

What is Convert View and How we use it in Adapter Memory Management ?

To use Memory in Smart way we can use Convert View in Android.

- To reuse the memory for other Iterations.

- A parent View can't have once child view more than once.

Adapter Memory Management:

1)- Adapter by default creates new Object of View for every element in Array.

   - Since the Application runs on Mobile it may crash because of low memory situation.

2)- To avoid creating new object every time getView() method accepts "Convert View" as return 
     value of previous iteration.

3)- It is null in first iteration and from next it is the return value of previous iteration.

There are three cases to use Convert View i.e.

1- Convert View Using Single View.

2- Convert View Using a Linear Layout.

3- Convert View Using Layout Inflator.

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