Thursday, 13 November 2014

What are the components of Android ?

There are mainly 4 components i.e Activity , Service , Content Provider and Broadcast Reciever .
We can also say that they are Pillers of Android.

Some other fundamental components are View , Intent , Fragment , AndroidManifest.xml .

We have to understand all these basic concepts to build an Android Application.

1- An Activity is a User Interface(UI) concept that usually represents a single screen in your application.

2- Service is a component which doesn't have any UI , it runs in background , it can update UI elements ,
     it allows to share functionality among application without creating physical copy of class . Services are
     of two types Bound and Unbound.

3- Content Provider is a component which hides Database details(database name , table name  , coloumn
     info etc.) , it allows application to share data among multiple application . 

4- Broadcast Reciever is a component which is used to recieve broadcasted messeges sent by system
     or other applications.

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