Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How to setup your development environment ?

To build Android applications, you need to establish a development environment.

Few steps are-

1- The Android SDK requires JDK 5 or higher ,So download the JDK and install it.
     For Windows, download JDK 6 from the oracle website.

2- After the JDK is installed, you can download the Eclipse IDE . All versions of Eclipse are available
    on  .

3- To build applications for Android, you need the Android SDK. The SDK comes with the base tools
     then you download the package parts that you need and you want to use, it includes emulator so
     you don't need a mobile device with the android OS to develop applications.
     You can Download the Android SDK from 

4- Now you need to install ADT ,an eclipse plugin ,it integrates with eclipse to provide facilities for
     you to create , test and debug applications.

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