Friday, 9 January 2015

What do you understand by Multitouch in Android ?

* Multitouch has gained a lot of interest ever since the TED conference in 2006 at which Jeff Han
demonstrated a multitouch surface for a computer user interface.

* Using multiple fingers on a screen opens up a lot of possibilities for manipulating what's on the screen.

* For Ex. putting two fingers on an image and moving them apart could zoom in on the image.

* By placing multiple fingers on an image and turning clockwise , you could rotate the image on the
screen. These are standard touch operations in Google Maps, for instance.

* Android introduced support for multitouch with Android SDK 2.0.

* In that release you were able to ( technically ) use up to three fingers on a screen at the same time
to perform actions such as zoom,rotate,or whatever else you could imagine doing with multiple touches ( we say "technically" because the first Android devices to support multitouch only supported two fingers ).

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