Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Implications of the Signing Process.

* We now can see that we cannot have two distinct signatures for the same package name.

* Signatures are sometimes referred to as public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates.

* More accurately stated, you would use a PKI certificate to sign a bundle, a JAR file, or a DLL or
an application.

* The PKI certificate is tied to the package name to ensure that two developers cannot install a package that carries the same package name.

* However, the same certificate can be used to sign any number of packages.

* I other words one PKI certificate supports many packages.This relationship is one-to-many.

* However one package has one,and only one,signature through its PKI certificate.

* A developer then protects the private key of a certificate with a password.

* These facts are important not only for new releases of the same package but also to share data
between packages when the packages are signed with the same signature.

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