Sunday, 8 February 2015

What do you understand by Dialogs in Android ?

* The Android SDK offers extensive support for dialogs.

* A dialog is a smaller window that pops up in front of the current window to show an urgent message, to prompt the user for a piece of input, or to show some sort of status like the progress of a download.

* The user is generally expected to interact with the dialog and then return to the window underneath to continue with the application.

* Technically, Android allows a dialog fragment to also be embedded within an activity's layout.

* Dialogs that are explicitly supported in Android include the alert, prompt, pick-list, single-choice, multiple-choice, progress, time-picker, and date-picker dialogs. (This list could vary depending on the Android release.)

* Android also supports custom dialogs for other needs.

* It's important to note that Android 3.0 added dialogs based on fragments.

* The expectation from Google is that developers will only use fragment dialogs, even in the versions of Android before 3.0. This can be done with the fragment-compatibility library.

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